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John Belchamber

active 4 years, 8 months ago
Full Name John Belchamber
Experience John Belchamber has been passionate about developing people and business performance for over 20 years.

As Founder & Senior Consultant at Invoke Results, John’s experience across a range of business disciplines ensures that his clients build a better business.

John's Skills and experience include:

People & Business Performance Consultant – John has worked extensively with clients across Australasia focusing on the business & people performance. John uses the very best in business diagnostic & benchmarking tools, along with personal, job, team and relationship assessment tools to help his clients realize their potential.

Staff Recruitment & Retention – John works closely with clients to tailor and deliver recruitment & retention projects that make sure they get the right people, in the right place performing the right tasks and, keep them!

Learning Facilitator – John’s expertise covers a broad range of business and interpersonal disciplines utilizing a blend of learning methodologies including the development and delivery of action learning, one-on-one and group facilitated programs. By tailoring programs to suit each businesses needs and calling in specialised associates as required, John ensures that the learning journey is beneficial to the participants and their sponsors.

Axiom Software Distributor – John has worked with DISC profiling since 1998 and has used Axiom Software’s suite of tools for most of those years. Buy purchasing from Invoke Results, clients can be confident that they are supported by one of Australia’s most experienced DISC Practitioners supporting them.

Assessment & Development – As well as being one of Australia’s most experienced DISC practitioners, John is accredited in some of the world’s leading assessment tools including MLQ Leadership Assessments, SPQ Gold Sales Assessments, Saville Wave and many more. John”s philosophy is to use these tools to offer individuals, teams and organisations with valuable information to utilise in their ongoing development.

Small Business Website & Social Media Marketing – John built his first commercial website in 1999 and has designed, developed and managed multiple websites, e-marketing and social media strategies ever since.

Public Speaking – John has presented on a diverse range of people and business performance topics in places a diverse as Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, China, Japan and the UK. He is available as a key note speaker, conference presenter and/or facilitator.
Qualification Post Graduate Diploma (Dist.) Business & Financial Management
Accredited DISC Consultant & Trainer
Leading Accredited Practitioner MLQ (Leadership Assessment & Coaching)
Accredited SPQ Gold (Sales Assessment) Consultant

Professional Details

Key Services The Invoke Results Better Business Program provides business owners with a range of business improvement services, delivered in their business, for around the cost of a part-time staff member.

By working alongside you in your business, we allow you to focus on what you do best, whilst we focus on increasing profits by improving the performance of your people and your business systems. Our skills cover a range of business disciplines including:

Human Resource Management

- Staff Attraction, Selection, Recruitment, & Retention;
- Learning & Development;
- Team Building & Management
- Leadership Development;
- Workforce & Succession Planning;
- Sales Skills Development;
- Staff Surveys;
- HR Policy & Procedure Development and Implementation.

Sales & Marketing Management

- Sales Team Assessment and Development;
- Internet & Social Media Marketing Strategy Development and
- eSales Process Development and Implementation;
- Marketing Strategy Development;
- Customer Surveys.

Business Improvement

- Business Benchmarking, Budgeting & Scenario Planning;
- Business Diagnostics;
- Business Planning and Implementation
- Business Improvement Project Management

In short, John Belchamber & Invoke Results specialise in working within our clients’ businesses to become their ‘right hand man‘.
Website http://www.invokeresults.com
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