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Thomas Andrew

active 2 years, 4 months ago
Full Name Thomas Andrew
Experience From 1966 until 1992, I was a commercial banker. My career culminated in the Executive Vice Presidency of a multi-billion dollar bank. For much of my time in banking, I focused on commercial lending and managed relationships with a wide variety of small and medium sized businesses. In the mid-1980's, I was asked to help a California based bank's branch banking division transition to a streamlined, customer focused unit with lower cost and higher revenue.
Qualification Recently, I have been specializing in working with business owners in activities supporting succession planning, using my skills in organizational development, process improvement, financial planning and measuring peformance to help increase company value.

Professional Details

Key Services Executive Coaching
Business Planning (Strategic and Financial)
Organizational Development
Business Process Improvement
Defining and Measuring Results
Website http://www.nwadvisory.com
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